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  • The Dow Jones RusIndex Titans 10 - part of the Dow Jones Titans family of indexes - is designed to serve as the basis for index-linked products and in particular index funds and derivative products. It is calculated according to the world-wide accepted methodology of Dow Jones and is the result of efficient combination of global expertise of Dow Jones and local knowledge of RusIndex. The index base date is Dec 31, 1998. It is calculated in real-time and disseminated to major wires such as Reuters, Bloomberg.

    Dow Jones RusIndex Titans 10

  • MT RusIndex is a broad market index which tracks performance of 50 most traded Russian stocks. The indexТs methodology allows inclusion of stocks listed on all Russian major exchanges (including Gazprom at St. Petersburg Stock Exchange), as well as taking most indicative prices for the index calculation. The base date is 1 Sep 1994. The index is calculated 3 times a day (12, 15, 19:10 Moscow Time) and is fed to Reuters, Bloomberg, Datastream, Dow Jones Telerate.

    MT RusIndex

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